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Who are we?

CE Consulting Empresarial was founded in 1989 with the aim of becoming one of the main consultancies and comprehensive consultancies at a national level. After 30 years of activity, the firm has more than 160 national and international offices, more than 600 professionals and more than 16,000 clients.

Belonging to a business network of recognized prestige is a differentiating fact that allows us to provide our clients, regardless of their size, the services of a multinational at the price of Traditional Counseling.

What us characterizes?

The professionalism a human team composed of more than 600 qualified consultants and consultants and permanently updated with their own training programs.

The proximity, thanks to the consultancies of companies distributed throughout the Spanish geography.

In addition, we have an international presence in four continents. We cover all areas of advice: tax, legal, accounting, labor, legal and human resources, as well as specialized areas of consulting and technology and business development.

CE Consulting Empresarial

What do we offer?

To achieve excellence in the service provided, in each and every one of the consultancies the firm structures its organization and develops its activity around certain principles and values:

  • The professional responsibility of all advisors and consultants..
  • Innovation in work methods and procedures used in business advice.
  • Team work, necessary for a better multidisciplinary advice.
  • Customer service, personalizing the service and the treatment that is provided.
  • The involvement with the problems, difficulties and successes of the clients on the part of the consultants and consultants of companies.
  • Corporate ethics, as a confluent result of individual and company ethics.

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